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Available Services

Data Analytics

Statistical, predictive, and complex systems modeling, data visualization, GIS, spatial analytics, and interactive dashboards, and more.

Participatory Modeling

I am an expert in conducting a variety of participatory modeling approaches, including group model building workshops, focus groups, and concept mapping exercises. I can help your organization seek input from your most important stakeholders and translate it into actionable intelligence.

Public Health Consulting

If you have a problem, then I have the data or can get it for you to solve the problem. From learning, coordinating, or transformation problems, I can help you find, access, use, analyze, interpret, and translate data into action.

Engaging Muslim Communities

I am passionate about helping Muslim-led organizations, institutions, schools, mosques, non-profits, and communities with grant writing, proposal development, and any of the other services listed above. As a second generation Muslim researcher I want to help faith communities benefit in ways that align with their values, ethics, and morals.

Community & Engagement

What is a community? How do you approach a community? Why should a community engage with you or your organization? These and other problems with engaging communities with sincerity are the ones I have experience solving. I can help you get started, provide strategies for genuine engagements with a community, and ensure that your organization builds a lasting relationship with communities.

Systems Thinking

Systems are simply parts that are connected to make a whole that we can more easily see. Systems are communities, cities, organizations, families, policies, and collectives. I am a systems thinker and if you think your organization wants to tackle problems that are dynamic, complex, non-linear, and involve feedbacks, then I can help you make, implement, and evaluate plans using systems thinking.


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