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Paving the Path to Solution

There’s no better way to reach success than getting the help you need at the right moment. Check out our services below today to discover some of the most effective ways to help your organization or community.

How may we help?


Communities have limited access to knowledge, data, skills, and tools to effectively advocate for issues that matter to them.


DataToEngage solves this challenge by developing knowledge and data products and training workshops for communities across the US and Canada.


Our products and services work for communities by helping them assess, engage, research, implement, and evaluate evidence-based community-driven strategies to solve problems.


Our products and services make it easy for institutions in the community with limited resources to use local data and knowledge for local decision-making and strategic planning.

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About Me.

I am a systems thinker. Everywhere I look I see complexity and patterns everywhere. My professional goal is to make sense of all the data around us. My academic training included computational modeling (pandemics and health disparities), environmental epidemiology, and health services research. I am an Associate Professor of Community-engaged Computational Epidemiology in the College of Public Health, The Ohio State University, where I lead the Computational Epidemiology Lab.


As a public health consultant, I look forward to working with marginalized and vulnerable communities to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and tools to better advocate for themselves.

Education and Training



McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Thesis title: Validation and integration in spread models of influenza: Scientific insights and policy implications during influenza epidemics/pandemics.


Postdoctoral Scholar

School of Public Health and School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Training in environmental epidemiology (air pollution) and birth outcomes.


Research Associate

Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Training in cost utility /effectiveness analysis and microsimulation modeling

Our Services

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